Welcome! We are very excited that you are visiting this site. Our group is designed to build friendships and support the dynamic women that have chosen to build entrepreneurial businesses. This group has grown out of a desire to supply resources and tools that will assist every female entrepreneur to realize that she is NOT A SOL PRENEUR! No, there is not a single business empire that was built on its own. We need each other to grow something great in every endeavor. Whether that is business advice, great informative blogs, coaching and consulting, or you just want to support your local, female owned businesses, you will find it all here!

Back in January of 2010 this group began as a local (Sacramento, CA) Meetup group for in person, face to face networking. It has now grown to over 1,900 online Meetup site members! Our fearless WEE founder, Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, soon realized that there was a great need, not just supply an in person meet and network group, but to also provide some REAL business support for the women in the community. Out of this need came the brainstorm of this site. Here you will find the support that will assist you in taking your business to great heights and amazing profitability.

Check out our Premiere Experts and Member Directory and get to know each member that is represented here. These are your business experts. These are the go to gals that will help you to realize your life and business dreams.

We kindly ask for your patience as we go through the growing pains of building this site. Come back and check in often! New experts will be added regularly. Webinars and educational offerings will update and change on a regular basis. So you will always be sure to find new gems of wisdom every time you visit.

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