Another Book on Goals? Goal For It

Another Book on Goals? Goal For It

by Syndee Hendricks

I’m so excited to share with you that my new book entitled Goal For It will be out soon! With so many books out and so many people speaking about goal achievement, I’m sure you are thinking: Gee, Why another book on goals? Easy answer for me is that people have asked me over my career and most recently this year one question: “How is it that you accomplish so much in such a short period of time?”

In 2015 I accomplished over twenty major goals! Ahhh, you are thinking, oh sure; she probably just wrote a few things, did a web page, gave a few speeches and called it over twenty major goals! Right? Okay, so that is not right you can try here. A few of the goals I achieved were these:

  • Had one book and three workbooks published
  • Created content for one website of over ten pages
  • Created an 8 week tele-seminar with a colleague
  • Created an online website store
  • Wrote and recorded on a CD an Empowering and Releasing Meditation
  • Wrote outlines for three new books to write for 2016

Whew! Looking back over the past year, I am amazed at what I was able to accomplish, which is exactly why I am writing the book on how you can do it also! It is loaded with templates as I love to make things easy. Most of my career, my peers and staff always said I make things look so easy to do—and now you can learn all my secrets!

Get a sneak peak of what is inside the new book at one of these two links:

Success has many friends! Goal Setting is one of them

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