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  • How to Use Mind Mapping for More Successful Group Meetings

    How to Use Mind Mapping for More Successful Group Meetings

    We have all been there linked here. You know those group meetings where you struggle to keep the focus and attention of your team. Those meetings that were scheduled for 30 min, yet lasted 2 hours, and NOTHING was accomplished. The meeting where every employee walks away with action steps then 2 days later everyone […]

  • Positive Reinforcement-Positive Results

    Positive Reinforcement-Positive Results

    As soon as you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, positive things will happen.” Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson Within the business world today pressures abound. Deadlines, personality conflicts, and competition often cause stress in the workplace. It is easy to allow a flood of negative thoughts to take over. When this happens it can lead […]

  • Managing Stress in the Workplace

    Managing Stress in the Workplace

    Let’s face it, work can be stressful. There is pressure all around. Work load responsibilities, deadlines, balancing your work with your personal life, and personality conflicts are common.  But really doesn’t everyone have to deal with this? Is it really that bad? Shouldn’t we just “suck it up” and move on? Well let’s think about […]

  • Understanding the Lending Business

    Understanding the Lending Business

    Why an Independent Wholesale Mortgage Broker? A lack of transparency can make understanding the loan business impossible. So I’ll provide a simple explanation as to why you may get a better deal from a broker than by going directly to the underwriting source or bank. When you call a major bank who also has wholesale […]

  • Rates and Fees Explained

    Rates and Fees Explained

    Let’s say you call a bank and ask for the rates on a loan. First, know that the Bank ONLY has THEIR rates and you have no shopping going on. A broker on the other hand may have as many as 200 lenders in their database from which to choose. The good ones have computer […]