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Authors and Speakers


Your Best Mind’s Power Books

A prolific author, Julie has published several books with more on the way. Most notably her book, The Brain Storm Journal, for Journaling 101 Storms in Your Brain is renowned for being a fun and interactive brain friendly journal. Soon to be released Change Your Mind in 21 Days, Practices for Creating a Healthy and Happy Mindset and Life is a personal development mush have; and What Did You Say? A Practical Guide to Communications, Relationships and the Brain specifically applies to the improving communication in the corporate workplace.

julie-anderson-brainstorm-journalThe Brainstorm Journal

This fun and entertaining journal is designed to give you 101 places to put your ideas, drawings, thought, and creative brain bursts! These pages are chock-full of graphics, brain-teasers, and inspirational quotes to get your creative juices flowing. A great gift for those creative people in your life.

Price $16.95


julie-anderson-the-changeThe Change (Book 4 in series)

Super talented coaches, awesome speakers, Harvard professors, US Senate candidates, health experts, those that overcame unbelievable odds. Now you know why there is no book like The Change.
Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson has contributed a chapter to this life changing book. Book 4 in the series.

Price $19.95

julie-anderson-quickest-way-to-insanityThe Quickest Way to Insanity

This is a homeschooling guide with the brain in mind. This book is an easy read and will cover identifying and teaching to learning preference, introversion/extroversion level, gender, brain lead and environmental cause and effects!

Price $14.95


Communication Made Easy

All brains have their own way of communicating and processing information. The more you know about how the brains work of those you are communicating with, the better your chances are of getting your message across in an engaging way that achieves the results you desire.

The 51 Tips in this book cover Brain Science in a proprietary, easy-to-understand format that will help you improve your relational success in professional, social, and personal environments.

Price $10.00

Increase Your Bottom Line Through Improved Communication (eBook)

A practical guide to developing the skill of communicating to your potential client’s brain. (eBook, fulfilled electronically)

Price $14.95



Through Phantom Eyes Series

Theodora’s award-winning series is the complete life story of Erik, the man known as The Phantom of the Opera. Through Phantom Eyes, an eight volume series is packed full of Erik’s emotional thoughts and adventurous life. Volumes one through five may be the first books she’s sent to the publishers, but, since there are three more volumes waiting in the wings, it’s certain they won’t be her only books to rest on the bookshelves of many a Phantom enthusiasts. Each volume is available in paperback and hardbound.

Volume One ~ A Child’s Guidance

Erik is only a young boy when he first discovers his great passion for music. Just before his third birthday, he listens to his mother playing the piano, and with excitement, he realizes his life will always be filled with music. Sadly though, along with that powerful and comforting emotion, there is also sorrow. Erik’s mother fears him because of his facial deformity, and he is forever scarred by her rejection. His father loves and protects him and tries to guide his young son’s rapidly growing genius mind and disturbed heart. Nevertheless, Erik’s soul begins to fill with loathing for the world that shuns him, causing him to wage a fierce battle between murderous hatred and compassionate love.  Erik’s temper erupts violently at times, endangering the lives of those around him as well as his own. Ultimately, he is abandoned and left alone to battle not only a world destined to cause him harm but also his tortured heart.

Price $19.95

Volume Two ~ Forsaken

The year is 1846. Erik is caught in the middle of a tragedy that will forever change his life. He finds himself abandoned and fleeing his home in Perros-Guirec, France to safeguard his freedom. While he hated most of the people in his home town, the people he encounters in the world outside of it are cruel beyond his imagination, and he, on more than one occasion, barely escapes with his life. While most people are heartless, there are a few kind ones who have compassion for poor Erik and his miserable plight. It is their kindness that enables him to continue toward his goal of Venice, Italy.

Erik’s stature grows until he is taller than most men, and his brilliance also continues to grow until it is beyond the reach of all. While his physical and mental abilities intimidate most, and Erik continues to feel he is nothing more than a deformed reject, many women are more than attracted to the man he is becoming – the man that is destined to enchant the feminine heart.

Price $25.95

Volume Three~ Mon Ami

By the year 1856, Erik is an adult and gaining wealth by singing and playing his violin at Gypsy carnivals. When winter approaches, he prepares to leave the cold of Russia for the warmer climate of southern Italy. However, his curiosity is piqued by a conversation he overhears between a Persian man and a Gypsy leader. As a result, he journeys toward Persia. There, the mighty Shah commissions him to build a magnificent palace filled with deadly yet life-saving secrets.

Using his political prowess and breathtaking music, he gains the Shah’s admiration. Then, because of that admiration and Erik’s refusal to bow down to any man, he also gains many enemies. Outmaneuvering them with the use of his brilliant mind, he stays several steps ahead of them, which makes many believe he has mystic powers.

During those years in Persia, one man sees something extraordinary in Erik. Then, despite his refusal to let anyone into his battered heart, Erik can finally call someone Mon Ami. Ultimately, that friendship becomes the link that allows them to survive a life-and-death battle against two powerful nations, crying out for their blood. From then on, that friendship alters both men’s paths dramatically—and forever.

Price $26.95

Volume Four ~ Shrouded Castle

After barely escaping Persia with his life, this fourth volume follows Erik’s lonely journey. Determined to live alone, he decides to participate in the construction of the famed Paris Opera House, intending to make a secret home for himself in its fifth cellar. That process takes 13 years to complete, during which time he struggles to survive not only the cruelty of the other workers but also the brutality of the Franco-Prussian War and the tragic attempted takeover by the Communards.

Having successfully overcome those challenges, he desires nothing more than a comfortable life filled with music. But, in order for that to happen, he must make the opera’s managers do his bidding. To persuade them that he’s the one in control of his opera house, many performances suffer under his clever and sometimes diabolical humor. His actions, and his clandestine manner of life, coupled with the superstitions of the day, begin the legend of the Opera Ghost.

Then, just when he thinks his life is as good as it can get, the unexpected occurs—he encounters the young chorus girl Christine, and, against all good judgment, his lonely heart dares to reach out to her, and his life will never be the same again.

Price $18.95

Volume Five ~ Christine

The year is 1881. The lonely man, Erik, enters a period in his life when his full passion finds its home in the form of the young chorus girl, Christine. Once he meets her, his obsession for her is fueled by his past years of distressing solitude, and she becomes the woman he loves and the woman he must have as his own.

His deformity is the first obstacle standing in the way of winning her love, but her childhood sweetheart, Raoul, is the bigger obstacle and the biggest challenge. He meets these challenges, while he also keeps his managers doing his will, which is to make Christine’s career a success. Erik works patiently to gain the trust and love of Christine, while, at the same time, he meets the challenge presented by Raoul’s youth and handsome appearance. Violent encounters are inevitable in any love triangle, but, considering Erik’s past life and deformed emotions, the encounters become death-dealing.

Price $31.95

Volume Five ~ Unmasked Hearts

Through Phantom Eyes, Volume Six, take us further into the fascinating depths of Erik’s life – his thoughts, dreams, and brilliance. Bruns is a masterful storyteller who skillfully crafts a world that is vivid and engrossing. As some of Erik’s greatest desires surprisingly come true, he also faces some of his greatest challenges. Another juicy emotional roller coaster of a can’t-put-it-down read.  Eagerly awaiting the next volume.
Price $28.99



Syndee is an intuitive business professional with more than 25 years of successful, proven experience in coaching people to achieve their goals. In addition to successfully managing several businesses, she has also managed the careers of her subordinates to consistently facilitate advancement. After all, the most important part of business is still about the people working in those businesses. Syndee’s diverse career has taken her nationwide to work with thousands of people in many types of businesses helping them to achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals. Living and working in eighteen states has given Syndee a vast understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for individuals and businesses from rural to large cities for many different sizes and types of organizations. Syndee is accomplished as a published author, speaker, intuitive coach and business consultant, mentor, and philanthropist.

Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way

Are you in your own way of great health … happiness … and personal and professional success? If your answer to that question is a resounding YES, it’s time to Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way!

Syndee Hendricks writes and outlines a system and methods, from suggestions to develop your personal values to improving self-esteem, and from writing your “Personal Mission Statement” to setting and keeping goals. In this enlightening and practical book, Syndee walks you through a process to improve your life through conscious living. She outlines, explains, and provides exercises to:

  • Believe in yourself and build self-esteem
  • Use integrity as a higher way to live
  • Eliminate “drama Queens and Kings” from your life
  • Identify your personal values and build your “tribe”
  • Create positive goals
  • Build your dream-board
  • Be grateful and spread your wings toward success

“What a great resource! I’m so impressed with how Syndee Hendricks illuminates insights that are often overlooked as we face a myriad of challenges throughout our lives. What is especially valuable, however, are the easy-to-apply actions to help you overcome them! This is an easy read to help through your most challenging times.” ~ Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

“We need to get out of our own way to get healthy. Syndee shows in plain words how to be positive, focus on our values, and block the negativity that keeps us sick, tired, and unhealthy!” ~ Christina K Major, Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor

Price $14.95

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.43.02 PMMy Life, My Way, Companion Workbook ($39.99) is filled with tools that have the capability of helping people gain fulfillment in several life areas that are discussed in detail in Syndee Hendricks’ book, Step Aside, Get Out of Your Own Way. In this enlightening workbook, she walks you through many processes to improve life through conscious living in several important life areas—and she helps identify areas to improve self-esteem, raise integrity, eliminate negativity, and more. Discover the secrets to use 100 percent of your personal resources to create positive goals, build and realize your dreams, and use a meditation written by Syndee to create positive life changes that will keep you in that conscious living state.

Price $39.99

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.44.56 PMMy Life, My Way, Manage Me Planner ($24.99) is a custom-designed planner with instructions that features a year’s worth of daily planning by the hour with a place to schedule “must-do” tasks by day. Written with high achievers in mind, the workbook also features sections to complete a Mission Statement, Goals, Affirmations, and a Dream Board; and it includes areas for workload planning and project-planning pages. This useful workbook is a must-have for busy professionals.

Price $24.99


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.44.37 PMMy Life, My Way Empowering Journal ($19.99 and cover title feature a blank blue ribbon for you to personalize the book in your own name) is a fabulous tool to release all that “stuff,” which no longer serves you! This empowering and potentially life-changing journal also includes Reiki Blessings (healing blessings—Syn is a Reiki Master). The emotional baggage that most people carry can now be released through a mind-enhancing Releasing Meditation, which is written in the journal’s pages. The workbook also contains instructions on exactly how to use the Empowering Journal to realize its full impact and be able to move forward with all your personal power. It has nearly 100 pages you can fill with personal information and details that hinder your life progress – and all for your eyes only.

Price $19.99