The Authentic Entrepreneur

The Authentic Entrepreneur

Get in Your Element and Your 6th Sense Will Follow!

by Syndee Hendricks

Welcome to Insightful Coaching – Syndee Hendricks

Ever feel like you were not being entirely authentic? I’m going to share my definition, and how I struggled during my career in being completely authentic. I have found it to be a process. Several definitions are available, but mine is to be true to your own personality, spirit, and character.

I thought I was pretty authentic until one day in my mid-twenties I was invited by two friends to visit a psychic out on a farm in the Midwest. I was pretty excited, but unsure of what we were going to experience.

When we pulled into the long driveway, I could see an old one story fully porched white farmhouse. When Helen opened the door, I was surprised to see a conservative looking woman in her thirties as she invited us into her traditionally furnished home. No crystal ball, no headdress, no incense; a little disappointed, I was the second to go into her comfortable and beautiful window filled dining room. She shuffled her Rider-Waite Tarot deck, handed them to me to split and began my first reading. I was intrigued that everything she told me was private and accurate, but one point was confusing–that I was psychic. Hmmm.

I was pretty quiet when we drove home as I was not sure how being psychic would play out in my management career with Casual Corner. I was certain that it would not be considered a plus in climbing the ladder to middle management!

I always knew stuff, but I thought everyone always knew stuff. Though I now know I possess all the ‘clairs’, my strongest gift being Clair-cognizance which is knowing information but not knowing how it is known. That totally explains why I was unaware of this gift.

Over the years, people who worked closely with me guessed that I was psychic, but I always laughed and made a joke about their remarks—very unauthentic, right? It would have cost me my job—of that I am certain.  Can you imagine a Human Resource Department getting ahold of that information?  In most of my positions in business management, I was field Human Resource, so I would have had to fire myself! In many of my positions, because of my accomplishments my male peers would jab me about having the easiest district, position, etc.  What I have since discovered is that it wasn’t the easiest—sometimes it was the most challenging—but I had my special gifts to support my work, which made it easier for me than for them.

As a business professional in my coaching and consulting business, I continued to keep it quiet until at a conference when I came out of the Psychic closet. However, I call my gifts intuitive as psychic still has negative connotations in some places.

It feels so liberating to be able to be one hundred percent of who I am and not feel as though I have to hide a very special and important part of myself. I can’t imagine how others must feel who have continuously lived in hiding. Though we all must pick and choose being completely authentic as our daily lives are driven by what we have to say and do because of survival, office/business politics, what people think, and so on.

What I have learned in this process is that being authentic is to step out of fear and show my true and authentic self regardless of the consequences. Having courage which now allows me to use my gifts in a bigger way to live my passion of helping others is life changing.  When you are in your element of authenticity, your sixth sense will follow, and those who value you will still be there in your circle.

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