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Podcast Shows


Brain Lady Speaks

Category: Psychology
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Want to improve all aspects of your life, relationships, and businesses? Would you like to discover YOUR natural secret weapon? Do you want tips and tricks to access and maximize using this secret weapon? Then you will want to tune in every week to hear how you can tap into this AMAZING resource…Your brain!

Brain Lady Speaks show is about all things related to maximizing the power of your brain, understanding how the brain personality connection and the mind/brain/body connection can improve your businesses, relationships, health and life. The field of neuroscience is revealing amazing things about the brain. In the show we will explore the latest findings to see how they have practical application in our lives. When this knowledge is applied you will become a more effective and understanding parent; thrive in your personal and professional relationships; and see an increase in your business growth and profitability!

Are you or do you know someone who would make a great guest to speak with The Brain Lady? Message booking at Info@BrainLadySpeaker.com

Join us every week to have your MIND blown and your BRAIN expanded!

Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire

Category: Business
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This show is focused on extraordinary female entrepreneurs. Each show will showcase an amazing entrepreneurial woman and crazy great business tips.

Are you a WEE or do you know one that would make a great guest for the show? Message Kelli Cooper for more details Kelli@WomenEntrepreneursExtraordinaire.com